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How do dumb talentless celebrities like Jennifer Lopez , Paris Hilton , Linsay Lohan become famous? | Hot Celebrity News and Updates

How do dumb talentless celebrities like Jennifer Lopez , Paris Hilton , Linsay Lohan become famous?

How do dumb talentless celebrities like Jennifer Lopez , Paris Hilton , Linsay Lohan become famous?
Paris Hilton
by DandyDanny

Stardom is my birthright: How do dumb talentless celebrities like Jennifer Lopez , Paris Hilton , Linsay Lohan become famous?
There is one set of celebrities like Julia Roberts , Angelina Jolie , Kate Winslet , Jennifer Connelley and Meryl Streep who are supremely talented and are famous for their talent and good work . There are also dumb celebs like JLo , Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan who have nil talent yet they have made it to the top somehow.

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Answer by Ryan
in some peoples eyes Paris is very beautiful, they also say Lindsay is beautiful, they probably got to be famous because they got the look, though they only say Lindsay is beautiful back when she was as young to star “Herbie : fully loaded”

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Sarah says:

PHil and LiLo are scandalous stars. Scandal every 10 seconds! DIU, drug test fails, stealing, stripping, you name it! You have to admit JLo is a pretty o-k singer, with a good sense of style and fashion, pretty, and we all have to admit- she has a great bod.

Lover says:

Jennifer Lopez through singing, Lindsay Lohan through acting and Paris Hilton for being the girl everybody wants to be in America so they have this fascination with her life.

bud says:

Jennifer Lopez is an ok singer but annoying in my opinion, Lindsay Lohan USED to be a talented actress before she ruined her life with the drugs and stuff, and Paris is only famous cuz her family owns the Hilton hotels. She also has a sex tape

Sophie says:

Why is JLO dumb?o.O

Nurse Kelly says:

Lindsay Lohan was a child actress before she turned to drugs. Paris Hilton is famous because her parents are extremely rich, and Jennifer Lopez can sing but she has turned into an attention seeker rather than sticking with what she does best.

FalconL says:

Wait a second there to say that Julia Roberts and Angelina Jolie have talent is a laugh, real talent is Fred Aistarie ,Ginger Rogers, Bette Davis, Gene Kelly, Cary Grant, Jimmy Stewart, those are real stars not Jennifer Connelly are you seriously kidding me right now get out of town , secondly Meryl Streep and Kate Winslet are the only ones I consider talented in that group you mentioned right now, okay J.lo is talented she had the number one movie in America and album so yeah she is an inspirational women and Hispanic women, Lindsay Lohan was very talented in the film The Parent Trap , so yes she has talent okay, the only ones that don’t have talent are Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian so yeah take that, to say Julia Roberts has talent is a laugh and Angelina Jolie seriously.

Tom R says:

sure there are talentless celebrities but you are only mentioning one. jlo had the number one movie and song at the same time. she first became famous as a professional dancer on in living color. shes also a pretty good businesswoman with clothes and other products. ive met her and she is kind but pretty business like. lohan was a very good child star and had a decent singing voice. the problem with her is that she has gotten sick of the fame trap. she just hasnt been able to handle it. paris is no talent other than appearing nude in porn . i would include all the kardashians in the talentless category

Sweet Dreams ◕‿◕ says:

Looking up casting couch… it explains a lot.

It is probably because of their looks for the most part.

N says:

J LO has talent okay? Shes a good singer, actress, and shes gorgeous.
Lindsay was an amazing actress when she was younger. She just went down the wrong path.
Now paris hilton is simply famous because her dad is rich.

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