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Kanye West — Don’t Burst My Privacy Bubble … Or I’ll F*** You Up!!! | Hot Celebrity News and Updates

Kanye West — Don’t Burst My Privacy Bubble … Or I’ll F*** You Up!!!

Kanye West — Don’t Burst My Privacy Bubble … Or I’ll F*** You Up!!!

Kanye West just lashed out at a TMZ cameraguy … tearing into our photog for daring to speak at LAX … simply ’cause he’s an egomaniac who thinks he’s bigg…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Video Rating: 4 / 5



28reta says:

haha I love this guy how he just pisses him off

TITISIMO25 says:

Fucking parasites

50centmusic100 says:

have you stopped lauging yet bitch

50centmusic100 says:

no kanye maks good muzikkk

van bawi says:

TMZ you all fu*king dead someday cause i’ma about to kill you all!!!!

malovesjj6830 says:

This guy is such ass he’s got anger problems

Oliver Ryan says:

literally best comment I have read for a long time, I literally can’t stop laughing!!

Hai5Gohst says:


Barry Sims says:

They need to put the so called biggest rockstar in jail. Guess he never heard of Mick Jagger. Stupid fuck.

folk658 says:

Kanye is the type of nigga that gets mad when his child calls him Dad instead of Kanye

Michael Price says:


lonnell18 says:

Persistent little bastard

Rob Styles says:

As crazy as kanye is id be really pissed of if people constantly violated my peace…I mean let the dude walk down the hallway without shit all in your face. I cant blame the dude for zapping out….

osker450 says:

hahahaha tell them not to talk to themselves hahaha

cherryexplosion27 says:

i just went back and rewatched that and laughed so hard omg. her face.

lildomplaya2 says:

Of course Kanye is going to “lashed out at a TMZ camera guy,” leave the man alone if he doesn’t want to be spoken too!!!!

Yaz L says:

LOL at the guy in the suit mowing over the chick in the blue at the beginning

impact glory says:

Love the way he says….”Dont talk to yoursellllllvvess”

impact glory says:

Hes not a dick.. ppl have bad days.. but more importantly papparazi are friggin trolls.. little parasites that keep chippin away… and when a celeb reacts they are the bad guy…. they constantly get harrassed by these freaks trying to make money of them. Even publish shit to demean them to the whole world. I tjink there should be a law.. attacking paps without weapons is alllowed

Juan Luna says:

Kanye maybe be a dick but he’s a genius when it comes to rap ..

Jacob Lea'e says:

No offense the way he acts it’s just like me.

Jacob Lea'e says:

Are Jay & Kanye really gonna make a new album.

AstroXIX says:

Hahaha lol the guys comment under me

Cisco408Ca says:

He Just mad Because he don’t have enough FISH STICKS

Tonika Phillips says:

My girl crush khloe u r amazing I love how u didn’t jeapordize ur own opinion just because kanye is dating ur sister kudos!

wankerishwanker says:


Tessellate says:

she’s famous for being related to some people who are famous for being famous for no reason.

Heba Ranshu says:

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Rockw61 says:

kloe is sexy and thick

ceej ahead says:

the absolutely dopest dude in hiphop is ( ceej ) type in”"” “ceej websterhall recap” to see the next mega superstar artist and remember i told you sooo!!!!

thehoneyeffect says:

ray j’s dick made this all possible

Carl C says:

Shout out 2 khloe she is so sweet

Vishal Cherian says:

whoa crazy conspiracy theorist, Go back to 911truth or something

Chad M says:

What is she famous for all nothing

syckindahead says:

I keep forgetting that HeatherB is on the radio! She’s great. Khloe is the coolest

anonnonymous1 says:

Closes Moses duhh…

legorocks3 says:

3:11 is what you came for

Kayzia-Ashley Washington says:

She’s trying to hard. She claims she doesn’t wanna be like her sisters but she is.

Michael Price says:


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DeJountae Washington says:

Doubt it.

ceej ahead says:

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pugghead says:

its true, im satan and kanye follows me… How did u know? ..I guess cause u’r awake 

Hakim D says:

Kloe is the wackest one

TexasGamersPs3 says:

she had sway thirsty

King Gnarley says:

she fine af to me……

GiveMe5MoreMinutes says:

i think he knows that at the end of the day hes the one she comes home to & for

DNYLNY says:

Why is this entire interview on her looks? Shallow as fuck

AyoItsThatKid says:

5’9 is the average height for a male in America.4’9 and lower is a midget….

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