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What Are All The Movies Johnny Depp Played In? | Hot Celebrity News and Updates

What Are All The Movies Johnny Depp Played In?

What Are All The Movies Johnny Depp Played In?
Johnny Depp
by startinghere71

Josikiah: What Are All The Movies Johnny Depp Played In?
i have an obession off johnny depp ever sence idk 2 days ago and i wanted to know every movie hes played in from first to last (last meaning this year) ((2012)) So Yeea i Wanna Know ALL Basicly So Best Answers.

Celebrity Info:

Answer by Vegeta
look it up on imdb or wikipedia

lol obsession ever since idk 2 days ago… nice 1! (:

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lily t says:

use http://www.imdb.com. type in his name and it will list all the movies he was in.

waia2000 says:

Go to imdb.com and look him up
It will list all his films.

taya says:

A nightmare on Elm Street
Private resort
Dummies (short film)
Edward scissorhands
Cry Baby
Freddys Dead: The final Nightmare (teen on TV)
Whats eating Gilbert Grape?
Benny and joon
Arizona Dream
Ed Wood
nick of time
Dead man
Don Juan Demarco
Donnie brasco
the Brave (Director and writer)
fear and loathing in las vegas
L.A. without a map
Sleepy hollow
the asronauts wife
The ninth gate
Before night falls
From Hell
The man who cried
lost in La Mancha
One upon a time in mexico
Pirates of the carribean: The black pearl
Happily ever after
Finding Neverland
Secret window
the libertime
charlie and the chocolate factory
corpse bride
Pirates and the carribean:Dead mans chest
Pirates and the carribean:At worlds end
sweeney todd:The demon barber of fleet street
The tourist
Alice in wonderland
The run diary
Dark shadows
The lonely ranger

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