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What does Michele Obama spend on her clothes? | Hot Celebrity News and Updates

What does Michele Obama spend on her clothes?

What does Michele Obama spend on her clothes?
Oprah Winfrey
by VTK Productions

Luke: What does Michele Obama spend on her clothes?
How much did Barack Obama spend on the Greek column theme?I wonder how much Barack Obama’s trip to Hawaii costs.What does Oprah Winfrey spend on her clothes?
Al Gore’s son was arrested on drug charges.
Al Gore is a bad dad right.
Do you get the point?

Celebrity Info:

Answer by Iris
who cares???

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Manifest says:

From the looks of her, not much.

His Divine Shadow says:

I hope she spends no less than $ 20 an outfit, because everytime she comes out of the house, it looks like she just got back from a shopping spree at Ross. =

OMG! Sniper Fire!! says:

I heard they get them from some sweat shop in Kenya. Most of Obama’s little nieces and nephews work endless shifts.

Phuc Eu says:

Whe wore a dress & blouse on Leno that cost merely $ 400 from J Crew. $ 400 for a skirt & matching top??? WTF???

Kevin C says:

Much much less then Cindy McCain or Sarah Palin.

Cut Throat B**** says:

And here is the opposite question to all of the people yelling about the china purchase. My answer is who cares. Mrs. Obama doesn’t spend as much on her clothes as former first ladies but I don’t care either way. I don’t know what the Greek column theme is but who cares. Obama goes to Hawaii every year for the holiday but who cares. Oprah has tons of nice clothes in all different sizes but who cares.

Peyton [Political Princess] says:

She probably spends a lot, but nobody makes a big deal out of it because everyone loves her.

The Right Stuff says:

Since Michelle dresses more like a cleaning lady than a First Lady I suspect that she buys her clothes at Home Depot.

homegirl says:

What superficial questions, expand your horizons.

samosamo says:

The ugly Ape Women spends way to much as ugly as her clothes are.
Way to much for all the rest.
All politicians are bad.

No Pinheads says:

She gets a discount from Omar the Tent maker, one of Obama’s cousins

Kenneth S says:

who cares? obama likes her mostly WITH NO DAMN clothes on so it dosnt matter
shes ugly anyways

ItsNotFactJustBecauseYouSaySo says:

We will only know if the media allows us simpletons to have this information. I feel so lucky that they have allowed us the previlage of knowing what they have about Palin and family. oh happy happy me.

The Liberal Media has been exposed. Everyone knows, and some of them will even admit to there personal agenda pushes – yet, they continue to feed the sheep.

Stormy says:

Not much, she looks like a bag lady, not a first lady.

buttercup says:

I have a feeling she spends a lot of money on her clothes, too bad her clothes look like they came from Wal mart.

Bob M says:

She needs to spend less on cloths, and more on plastic surgery.

Derek (Sooners suck homey) says:

Probably not close to $ 150,000 like Palin.

Vega Q says:

She spent a fortune

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