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Why are Taurus women so beautiful and gorgeous? | Hot Celebrity News and Updates

Why are Taurus women so beautiful and gorgeous?

Why are Taurus women so beautiful and gorgeous?
Penelope Cruz
by Cien de Cine

Jordan Burke: Why are Taurus women so beautiful and gorgeous?
I know we are ruled by Venus planet but damn. Why are we so damn hot?

Megan Fox, Jessica Alba, Dianna Agron, Miranda Kerr, Odette Yustman, Penelope Cruz, a lot more gorgeous women that I did not mentioned.

Plus, we are pretty stable about our decisions and life.

Celebrity Info:

Answer by Jen
I wonder this myself sometimes hehehe

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sam says:

Well i would say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
And i think some people would argue about the stability of some of the people you listed. Megan fox for example, not the brightest of the bunch.

☼♉nat♎☽ says:

I can list that many people for each of the signs, not just Taurus.
Despite being one myself, I find humans in general to be the most beautiful of creatures. Everyone has at least one beautiful feature, even if it’s barely noticeable.

Alvise says:


☼†£Serenity£†☼ says:

Beauty is subjective; what’s beautiful to one person may not be to another. There are beautiful, stable women of every single sign from Aries to Pisces. I know two Taurus women; both are very manly and masculine looking and neither of them is the least bit stable. See what I mean? You can’t generalize like that.

Did you ask this Q simply to boost your own self-esteem or was there some other point to it?

aimz1985 says:

they are beautiful people and I could say that about virgo women
cam diaz
selma hayak
Claudia Schiffer
sophia lauren
raquel walsh
isabella rossellini
Leeanne Rimes, Ann Bancroft
Shania Twain
every sign is beautiful

Dee says:

This is a classic case of group think displayed in these answers lol…. That’s a sociology term if some didn’t know….

People get offended when they feel their beauty is less than others… So they resort to stating each sign is beautiful… Which is some what true

However when doing so especially in the astrology section they take away from the credibility of astrology….. Think about

If I state that cancers so emotional… Many people would come up reasons why cancers are emotional

On the other hand…for example, your question… Why are taurus so beautiful…. People felt offended… So they came up with reason why other signs are beautiful…to make it seem like beauty wasn’t a trait of descendants from venus

People that pick and choose what to believe in astrology.. are making astrology suspectable to criticism

I agree tauruses are natural beauties…. except megan fox she’s average

Worldly Love says:

And you are also attention-wh0res, which kinda negates any other positive traits, don’t you think?

■■■ says:

Why are ALL women so beautiful and gorgeous?

I do agree with you that Taurus women are beautiful, but in no way is Taurus beauty superior to any other sign. We can all list and name “celebrities” who would prove our sign has beautiful women, but they’re *celebrities* and more often than not, they have had work done which proves nothing but dissatisfaction in the way they looked before, such as Megan Fox, Christina Hendricks, and even Dianna Agron (though her reason was understandable).

Every Taurus person I have met so far is undoubtedly very pretty and you guys being “pretty stable about your decisions and life” is great, but not always a good thing. The inability to be open-minded, constant need for attention, and lack of self-awareness when it comes to ‘getting what you want’ are all major turn-offs from my part, both from the Taurus guys & girls I have met. -.-

BB says:

I agree with my girl Serenity

Christina Hendricks is truly gorgeous. She looks very “Venusian”/Taurean to me

LadyFreakShow says:

you tauruese are so not

The best of the business ;) says:

Awww your so nice but I think there are beautiful woman of all kinds! :)

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