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Why do so many people like Oprah Winfrey? | Hot Celebrity News and Updates

Why do so many people like Oprah Winfrey?

Why do so many people like Oprah Winfrey?

Jiquanti the Genie: Why do so many people like Oprah Winfrey?
Why do so many people like Oprah Winfrey or why is she so successful when all she does is talk to people? In my entire life I`ve never met ANYONE who watches her show, nor anyone who likes her, so why is she successful? Why is she super rich? Her whole gig is using other peoples pain for ratings which to me is disgusting and offensive, so why does she have all this money and political power?

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Answer by swizzy74
People only suck up to her to get free gifts. That’s just my opinion.

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Ryunkin says:

Oprah came along when the networks were trying to show how open-minded they were and they pushed her into the success that she’s enjoying now with a lot of hype and Phil Donahue’s blessings. She basically appeals to middle-aged high income women who live in a fantasy world where everything is perfume and roses. Personally, I think that she’s a disgusting hypocrite who can only see one side of any issue, the women’s side. As a man with a daughter that he loves very much, I think of myself as somewhat liberal regarding the female, male discussion, but what I cannot abide is a person who refuses to see that the other gender has its points as well, and I rarely have seen her view an issue from both sides.

Unknown says:

While I cant talk about the one sided part of her, as I am not an avid viewer, I can say that she can have her moments. However, when saying she was “disgusting and offensive,” I cannot agree. She helps people on her show as well. All those hoarders she has had featured on her show? They had a huge cleaning crew for their houses that Oprah hired for those families. The story about a child being decapitated in a car crash? If memory serves correct, she was promoting an anti-drunk driving orginazation. Plus all those nutrition/fitness related shows arent just ‘using other peoples pain for ratings.’ Add in all the charity money/work/awareness she’s done, and I don’t have too much of a problem with her. EDIT: I had no idea being a teenager on welfare = high income middle age woman. & Also, if you want to talk about using other peoples pain for ratings, let’s talk about Maury. He does do some reuniting on his show, but the other things he does? Blah.

LaLa... says:

why why why?..stop complaining and go to bed!

ssparkle63 says:

I do not watch that often, only dr oz.

but she has something, and she uses her gift to promote women, and charities

Kaтie Kiтson™ says:

Oprah Winfrey is very likable. She’s generous, charitable and down to Earth despite being extremely wealthy.
I highly doubt that you’ve never met anyone who hasn’t watched Oprah, that would only prove to be true if you specifically asked everyone you’ve met whether or not they watch Oprah (which I’m sure you don’t).
You obviously don’t know her history if you think she uses “other peoples pain for ratings”. Oprah was molested by her uncle at the age of 9 and became pregant at the age of 14 by a cousin (the baby was born stillborn), she’s experienced countless accounts of sexual abuse by her mother’s male friends-she knows pain, she’s lived through it and by the grace of God has been able to overcome it.
You act like you know what you’re talking about when it’s obvious you’re don’t. You’ve never watched her show so I have no idea where you would come to the conclusion that she’s “disgusting and offensive”.
I really think you should at least watch one episode, because you’re not qualified to give an opinion on something you’ve never seen.

!xKaz-Kiwix! says:

Many people admire Oprah Winfrey mayby not young ones like myself but plenty of middled aged people like her. She’s a well off person as she worked hard to get this far tihnk about her history It wasnt really easy for her mayby this is why people like her because she achieved the american dream. She is super rich as her job pays very well thats what i think anyway plus remember how blacks where treated in america along time ago an dlook at her now how very well of she is shes 1 of 5 black americans who are wealthy and tried their best to get this far

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